About Ervin Janek

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Self Portrait as Sharman
Latest Exhibition

Primarily working in photographic media, Ervin Janek is process driven, realising that his thematic concerns always find their way into his art.

Apart from finalisation for printing (contrast, sizing and spotting), he does not use digital software to create his images. They are worked entirely in camera, through long and/or double exposures, and re-photographing projections (in negative and positive), often after working into the projections with paint, pastel, cut paper, found and created objects.

Thematically he is interested in our connection and interconnection with nature and each other, and the consequences of our disrespect for, and ignorance of, this fact. Degradation of our environment, degradation of other human beings, war, hostility and greed, as well as his personal (troubled) biography are all involved and reflected in his work, as is beauty, love, happiness, and the search for truth.

Trailer for documentary about Ervin Janek, by Miklós Janek (his son)

Sparrow: Poems of a Refugee